Important lessons from high school sports

Check out Kevin A. Keto’s article in the Star Tribune for some important lessons from high school sports.  Learn to understand the value of losing in sports, that parents’ investment in sports should not equate to entitlement, and the importance of having a good attitude.

“St. Paul coach: The high school sports culture

Article by: KEVIN A. KETO

The gym was empty except for three coaches and three hopeful athletes. The three walk-ons, competing for the final roster spot on a Big East men’s college basketball team, had already completed shooting, ball handling and defensive drills. The head coach gathered them at midcourt and explained that the next drill would be based on a game scenario.

“Your teammate,” he explained, “makes a lay up and draws a foul. The opposing coach immediately calls time out. You are sitting in the last seat on our bench. When I blow the whistle, demonstrate how you would react and how you would greet your teammates as they jog towards the bench.”

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