How hard is it to hit a softball?

It’s a question that’s been around for a while:  how hard is it to hit a softball vs. a baseball from a good pitcher?  While Major League baseball pitchers might throw the ball harder, they’re pitching from a greater distance – 60 feet and 6″.  A typical softball pitcher releases the ball from a much shorter distance.  Thus, softball batters have to make a quicker decision about if tosoftball pitching vs. baseball pitching swing and where to swing.

Major league players from days gone by and more recently have tried taking cuts against softball pitchers.  For the most part, the softball pitchers have won.  Baseball hitters must make their swing decision about 20% faster than they’re accustomed to.  Many baseball players no longer are so eager to take on the challenge of batting against strong softball pitchers.

Many have compared strong softball pitchers to a Major Leaguer throwing a 95 MPH fastball.  Further complicating things for baseball hitters against softball pitchers is that they’re not accustom to picking the ball up from the pitching motion.  You would think that the bigger size of the softball would make things easier.  But, if it helps, the results don’t show it.  Even superstar hitters like Albert Pujols have struggled against softball pitchers.  When Pujols went up against Jennie Finch, all reports are that he couldn’t put a bat on the ball.


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