Starting a Sports Blog: A Beginner’s Guide

Ever have an interest in writing your own sports blog?

Thousands of folks do it for a variety of reasons. Some do it to express their passion for their favorite sports, team or player. Some to share with others tips and tricks about their sport. Some are in it to make some money. Others do it for all those reasons or others. Since I started this blog, things have become a lot easier to get a site up and running. Plus, you can find a whole lot of valuable info from other sites.

Sports Feel Good Stories has published their own Guide for Starting a Sports Blog. Check it out for some helpful tips on everything from where to host your site to SEO tips so that folks will find your site.

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As more and more readers turn to the Internet to get news and follow their passions, sports blogs should continue to grow in popularity. Already, several blogs are breaking major stories and delivering meaningful content very quickly. As more and more readers come to sites, advertising and promotion revenue opportunities grow as well.

Starting a Sports Blog:  A Beginner’s Guide

In the early going especially, it helps to write on a frequent basis – two or three times a week. But, as a critical mass of content accumulates, the frequency of your posts can decrease. When an audience is built and some traffic finds your site, revenue opportunities arise. Some of the revenue might go to hiring writers to add content to your site.

Think hard about your niche. Write about something you’re passionate about. Don’t try to out New York Times the New York Times. You can’t be everything to everybody. Great content drives links and links improve your organic rankings on search engines. In the early going especially, focus on delivering great content. Make sure you own your site so that as an audience builds, you can place advertising on it. You can get your own site with URL for less than $100 for the first year. Check out the “How to Start a Sports Blog” guide from Sports Feel Good Stories and learns lots of tips. It’s achievable even for someone who has never built a website before. The template approach – which makes it easy for your site to be mobile-responsive (adjusts and sizes correctly for smart phones and tablets) – is perfect for first-timers.