Baseball Trivia Audio CD

Baseball Trivia Audio CD

The baseball audio CD question and answer game perfect for playing in your car or at home.  A great gift for baseball fans of all ages.  Play by yourself or with others.  Learn about players and teams, rules and history, terms and nicknames, ballparks, records and more.


A question is read by the host, Joe “Remote Control” Carter, and a short guitar riff is played before the answer is given.  Players shout out their answers before it’s revealed.  The player who is first with the correct answer earns a run.  Keep score by inning or just play for fun.  “Home Run” questions add a higher difficulty level.


1.) For which team did “The Might Casey” play for in the poem “Casey at Bat”?

2.) Music entertainer MC Hammer was named due to his likeness to what baseball player?

3.) What letter represents a strikeout in baseball score keeping:  “S” or “K”?

ANSWERS:  1.) The Mudville 9  2.) Hammerin’ Hank Aaron  3.) “K”

Packaged in a plastic jewel case much like music CDs.  Approximately 1 hour and 12 minutes of programming.

Special Price:  $11.99 — includes FREE shipping & handling in the continental U.S.  Estimated time from order being placed is 7 – 10 days.