Be Safe at Home with the Softball Bundle

Looking for a way to get the most from your softball team this year?

The Well Prepared Coach Youth Softball Practice Plans provide a proven formula from a coach who has been there, and done that. Coach John Blissenbach took his years of experiencing coaching winning softball teams, and put together this practice plan book, complete with drills and talking points. It’s easy to follow. Many coaches simply print off the pages for the designated practice and that becomes their agenda for practice. It saves on preparation time for those coaches in a hurry.

It makes coaching softball so much easier. Imagine looking forward to every practice because the heavy lifting has been done for you. You’ll have the plan in hand, and all you’ll need to do is execute. You can coach in the moment not having to worry about what to do next.

Be Safe at Home with the Softball Bundle

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$35 — Softball Practice Plans and Award Certificate Maker

For this special offer for youth softball coaches, we’ve added the Softball Award Certificate and Coaching Form Printables. With this tool, you can create well-designed certificates to recognize

Softball award certificate

One of dozens of award templates to choose from.

your players, team parents and other who have helped the team. Simply, type in the player’s name, the team name, the date and your words of praise. Print as many as you like and use it year after year. Players will keep the certificates you gave them on the fridge or in their rooms for a long time. Make sure they look good.

In addition to the award certificates, there are also common coaching forms, like treat sheets, homework assignments, player expectations, etc., that have also been professionally designed just waiting for your personalization. In an instant, you’ll go from “not ready” to “well prepared.”

To find out more on this special softball bundle offer, go here. If you purchased both items individually, it would be nearly $50. The price on this special bundle is just $35.


12 Awesome Softball Quotes

Softball coaches and teams can use quotes in different ways. Some include softball quotations in early communications, some as posters, some in emails, some before games and some in everyday conversation at practices.  When a softball quote is delivered at the right time, it can become part of the fabric of a team. Awesome softball quotes can inspire players, motivate a team and remind coaches what the game is all about.

Check out some of our favorites below.

12 Awesome Softball Quotes

  1. I make my weaknesses my strengths and my strengths stronger.
    Lisa Fernandez
  2. Sometimes the only thing fair in life is a ball hit between first and third.
  3. best softball quotesDon’t think you’re to good to sit and root for your team, be a team player.
  4. It doesn’t sparkle but I guard this diamond with my life.
  5. I want my team to be more detached from the wins and losses and be more focused on doing the little things well. When you focus on getting the win, it can suffocate you, especially during the playoffs when the pressure gets thick.
    Sue Enquist
  6. When the game is over leave it on the field.
  7. I make my weaknesses my strengths and my strengths stronger.
    Lisa Fernandez
  8. When I lose, I take it very personally.
    Jennie Finch
  9. Play the ball; don’t let the ball play you.
  10. Sweat dries, blood clots, and bones heal. Suck it up Princess. This is softball.
  11. Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off, the right pitch will come and when it does be prepared to run the bases.
    Sara Ann Nielsen
  12. If you face a worthy opponent acknowledge their skills and show them yours.

See some more of the best softball quotes over at Sports Feel Good Stories. Also, if you’re a softball coach looking to get ready for the season ahead, check out our Youth Softball Practice Plans. And, if you’re a player, check out our MVP Offseason Workout for Youth Softball.

Softball Offseason Workouts

Softball Practice Plans

3 Softball Teachable Moments

Youth softball coaches and parents, what are the 3 most important takeaways players should leave with with from their first softball team experience?

  • How to hit, field and throw?
  • Understanding teammates’, coaches’ and their own roles?
  • Something else?

The answer:  something else.  No one can deny the significance of learning the key tools of the trade or understanding what everyone does on the team, but there are more important things a young player needs to learn first.  For youth softball coaches and parents, they represent:

3 Softball Teachable Moments

Before diving in, please note there’s a reason that softball coaches alone weren’t called out as the sole instructors for these teachable moments.  Parents of players can play a big role in teaching and reinforcing Softball Teachable Momentsthese key principles.  As you review these concepts, think of their application as a child grows older. These are life lessons at a very high level. So, coaches and parents, here’s what young players need to know:

1. Try your best

THE MESSAGE:  You want each player to give 100% in practices and in games.  Emphasize that how a team practices reflects how they perform in games.  Let players know that from past experience you understand that results won’t always be the best, but the effort shown can be.  Reward the process  and the approach more so than the outcome.  Call out the importance of each individual trying their best for the team.  Encourage players to encourage others.

WHEN TO TEACH:  For coaches, teaching this concept can begin at the first team meeting.  Throughout the season, both at practices and games, there will be opportunities to communicate this message and reinforce it.  A batter hits a weak grounder, make sure you’re encouraging them to run everything out.  If you’re down by 7 runs in the later innings, don’t give up – try your best!

For parents, opportunities might come when your child is updating you on what went on at practice.  Giving your best also encompasses showing up ready to play for practices and games.  That might mean explaining to your child to pass on a sleepover the night before a big game.  It also might mean encouraging your child to practice in the backyard some of the skills they need polishing.  The best performers at nearly every level have likely worked very hard to get there.

2. Be a good sport

THE MESSAGE: Teach players the importance of winning and losing with grace.  Experienced sports coaches and fans will tell you the best displays of sportsmanship happen after games when you can’t tell the difference between the winning and losing teams.  The losing team members are busy congratulating the winning team members and the winners are busy consoling the losing team members.  No one is crying or hanging their heads on the losing team and no one is gloating or celebrating too wildly on the winning team.  In the game of life, there will be a roller coaster of highs and lows.  It’s important for young players to know how to handle the lows as well as the highs.
WHEN TO TEACH:  From a coaching perspective, this message needs to start early and be reinforced throughout the season.  One area for coaches to pay particular attention to is the post-game hand shakes between teams.  Like other fundamentals, coaches should have players practice this.  At the practice, before the first scrimmage or the first game, coaches should review the key elements to a post-game handshake.  There are 3 of them:

  • Look the other player in the eye.  We’ve probably all seen players looking the other way or at their feet with no acknowledgement of the other player.  That shouldn’t happen.  Poor sportsmanship reflects on the coaches and parents.  Make sure your players know how to do it right.
  • Execute the handshake, fist bump or high five with the appropriate level of force.
  • Say something positive about the player you’re interacting with.  “Good game” works, but I think it’s good to challenge players to find at least one player from the other team and give a sincere compliment, e.g. “That was a great throw you made from right field,” or “Your pitches were really moving today.”

Coaches lead by example.  Interact appropriately with the opposing team coaches before, during and after games.  Also, encourage your players to acknowledge the umpires.  Parents can help with some role play practice at home.  Introducing kids to talking to folks they don’t know that well is a good skill to introduce.

3. Attitude is everything

THE MESSAGE: Displaying a positive attitude can go a long ways in softball and in life.  Team chemistry, withstanding adversity and becoming a cohesive team are all affected by players’ attitudes.  It’s important for players to be positive, be encouraging and be good teammates.  Players should not be afraid to make mistakes, not get too down if they do and be willing to try different approaches.
WHEN TO TEACH:  One of the most effective way for coaches and parents to teach and reinforce this type of positive attitude is to model it themselves.  There will be times throughout the season when players’ attitude result in good things happen for the team.  Coaches in post game discussions or at the next practice time can call these out, as can parents at home.  Maybe your team comes back after being down by 5 runs and pulls out a win.  As a coach or parent, you can call out that players stayed positive and never gave up.  Maybe a player bunts to move a runner from first to in scoring position.  A coach can heap praise on the bunter and emphasize the importance of making sacrifices for the good of the team.  In almost any game situation, there will be opportunities to have kids thinking about bigger concepts than contained within the diamond.  As coaches or parents, look for these opportunities and make the most of them.


With these 3 fundamentals in place, young players will be in a position to flourish in softball, other sports and in life.


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Softball Slogans Build Teams

“Teamwork makes the dream work”


“Victory requires payment in advance”

Good softball coaches know that a strong team slogan can serve as a rallying flag for players.  Emphasized by the coaches at practices, displayed on softball shirts and incorporated into regular team communication; a softball slogan can become the fabric of a team’s identity.  Whether your team plays slow pitch or fastpitch softball, there are some good softball slogan choices.

Our Favorite Softball Slogans

Live – Love – PitchGreat Softball Slogans

Run hard; turn left

4 bases, 3 strikes, 2 teams, 1 winner

Seek and Destroy

Throw, hit, catch, smile, and repeat

If baseball is life, softball is heaven.

We’re so good your moms cheers for us!The Best Softball Slogans

A girl’s place is at home

You can’t steal second with one foot on first

In softball, good girls steal.

Softball: There’s nothing soft about it, it just leaves a bigger bruise.

Save the drama for your mama, we’re here to play

Outplay, Outwork, Outlast!

Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s gamesFunny softball slogans

There’s no traffic on the extra mile

Our blood, our sweat, your tears.

Win the Day

Victory requires payment in advance

All out, all the time

How do you want be remembered?

Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds

Go hard or go home

There’s no place like home


If you’re looking for more softball slogan ideas, check out Sports Feel Good Stories.


How hard is it to hit a softball?

It’s a question that’s been around for a while:  how hard is it to hit a softball vs. a baseball from a good pitcher?  While Major League baseball pitchers might throw the ball harder, they’re pitching from a greater distance – 60 feet and 6″.  A typical softball pitcher releases the ball from a much shorter distance.  Thus, softball batters have to make a quicker decision about if tosoftball pitching vs. baseball pitching swing and where to swing.

Major league players from days gone by and more recently have tried taking cuts against softball pitchers.  For the most part, the softball pitchers have won.  Baseball hitters must make their swing decision about 20% faster than they’re accustomed to.  Many baseball players no longer are so eager to take on the challenge of batting against strong softball pitchers.

Many have compared strong softball pitchers to a Major Leaguer throwing a 95 MPH fastball.  Further complicating things for baseball hitters against softball pitchers is that they’re not accustom to picking the ball up from the pitching motion.  You would think that the bigger size of the softball would make things easier.  But, if it helps, the results don’t show it.  Even superstar hitters like Albert Pujols have struggled against softball pitchers.  When Pujols went up against Jennie Finch, all reports are that he couldn’t put a bat on the ball.


VIDEO – Sport Science: Hitting a Softball

Important lessons from high school sports

Check out Kevin A. Keto’s article in the Star Tribune for some important lessons from high school sports.  Learn to understand the value of losing in sports, that parents’ investment in sports should not equate to entitlement, and the importance of having a good attitude.

“St. Paul coach: The high school sports culture

Article by: KEVIN A. KETO

The gym was empty except for three coaches and three hopeful athletes. The three walk-ons, competing for the final roster spot on a Big East men’s college basketball team, had already completed shooting, ball handling and defensive drills. The head coach gathered them at midcourt and explained that the next drill would be based on a game scenario.

“Your teammate,” he explained, “makes a lay up and draws a foul. The opposing coach immediately calls time out. You are sitting in the last seat on our bench. When I blow the whistle, demonstrate how you would react and how you would greet your teammates as they jog towards the bench.”

Continue reading at Star Tribune


Softball Coaches Special Bundle

The Well Prepared Coach announces the new Softball Coaches Special Bundle:  Purchase 25 Youth Softball Practice Plans and Softball Award Certificate and Coaching Form Printables for the special price of $33.99.  Save over $13 with this dynamic duo aimed at softball coaches and team managers.

The Practice Plans ebook provides a complete season’s worth of practice plans and pre-practice meeting agendas.  Softball coaches will save time, get the most from their players and have more fun along the way.  The award certificates and coaching forms enable coaches and team managers to recognize players and keep players and families informed.  It’s an awesome double play!

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Softball Practice Plans ebook     Softball award certificate templates and coaching forms










Softball pitching tips

Here are some softball pitching tips courtesy of former Texas A&M All-American, softball pitcher Amanda Scarborough.  She demonstrates some key fundamentals for several pitches in this video clip on fast pitch softball.



Catch of the year

Catch of the year or an ad for Gatorade?

A great motivational minute

If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.