Basketball Offseason Workouts

MVP Offseason Workouts for Youth Basketball

MVP Offseason Workouts for Youth Basketball

So, your kid plays basketball and has demonstrated some skills on the court.  The season has come to an end and you’re wondering what’s your best course of action to help your child improve during the offseason?  Or, perhaps you’re trying to get your player ready for a key tryout?

Do you sign him or her up for an expensive camp?  Private tutoring?  A summer team that plays weekend tournaments?

Or, do you take an approach that’s worked with many college and NBA basketball stars?  Individual workouts that give players plenty of reps and provide consistency so that players can improve on shooting form, offensive moves and basketball fitness.

The MVP Offseason Workouts for Youth Basketball provided a guided plan for youth basketball players to take their game to the next level during their summer offseason.  Read on to find out more…


What’s included in these Basketball Offseason Workouts?

Here’s what you get:

18 carefully designed, 66 minutes* basketball workouts in this ebook

  • Minute-by-minute breakdown of activities for each workout session
  • Activities rotate from one to the next quickly to keep players interested and for the aerobic benefit.
  • Illustrations to help understand activities and an appendix with more detailed explanations on drills.
  • Designed for either a 6 weeks time period with 3 sessions each week or a 9 weeks time period with 2 sessions each week. Players who play another sport in the offseason frequently find the 9 weeks time period works best.

An inspirational story and quote for each workout

  • Prior to each workout we recommend players read the stories and quotes.
  • Life lessons like never quitting, overcoming obstacles and the power of persistence are reinforced.

Information young basketball players should know.

Topics include:

  • What Coaches Like
  • Nutrition Advice to help you Play your Best
  • Set Goals to Achieve More
  • The importance of rest and sleep
  • The value of the student athlete

MVP Tips. Includes insider secrets to rebounding successfully, targeting your shots (aim small, miss small), shooting free throws more effectively, the importance of the first dribble, and many more.

* Why are the workouts 66 minutes in length? Most basketball players don’t do enough offseason workouts at all. The players that do practice typically practice for about one hour. By completing 66 minute workouts, players using this program are investing 10% more into their game. This can translate into much bigger gains come the regular season.

 Who are these workouts designed for?

Basketball players ages 10 – 17 years-old. Both boys and girls. Recommended for players who have played organized basketball before.


Why offseason workouts are important?Basketball workouts for the offseason

  • Repetition of an exercise builds muscle memory. By focusing in on individual skills during an offseason workout, a player gets plenty of opportunities to fine-tune those skills and really improve upon them.
  • No waiting. You can accomplish a lot in a little time when it’s just the player, the hoop and the basketball. There are no lines when you practice by yourself.
  • Your team’s coaches don’t have enough time to devote to every individual skill. Regular season games usually present too few opportunities to hone a skill. Practices during the regular season provide more opportunities, but typically a coach has many other topics to cover. Let’s say a player wants to work on their up-and-under post move. A game might provide just 2-3 opportunities to try this shot. The topic might only be covered once at one team practice and a player might work the move into some scrimmages. However, an offseason workout might include dozens of opportunities weekly to work on this move. Lots of reps lead to improvement.

    Youth basketball offseason plan

    The biggest gains in player improvement happen during the offseason

  • Breaking down the bigger game into smaller components makes it easier. If a player just scrimmages, scrimmages and scrimmages; that player will likely get better at basketball. If that same player takes a different approach by scrimmaging some, but also putting concentrated effort into improving some of the fundamental basketball skills, it’s likely that the player will improve at a much more rapid pace.
  • Provides a platform to strengthen weaknesses and build on strengths. Individual workouts can be tailored to work on the areas specific to a player’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • There is plenty of time until the next game. Working on your shooting stroke during the season can be difficult. By working on shooting during the offseason, corrections can be made, and lots of practice can take place prior to a game situation. It’s the ideal time to work on shooting.
  • It’s a relaxed environment where no one is watching. Individual workouts enable players to take lots of risk with no fear of evaluation or criticism. Sometimes, it’s by taking chances and some risks, that players really improve their game.

As a youth basketball coaches, frequently players’ parents ask us about Summer AAU team opportunities, basketball clinic and basketball camp recommendations for their young basketball players. There are many choices to be made out there and sometimes it can be stressful for the parents as they determine the best course of action.

In their eagerness to see their children advance their skills in basketball, many parents will make a big commitment – both in terms of dollars and time – to see that their kids have every opportunity to make improvements to their game. Are these types of opportunities worthwhile? Yes, they certainly can be. But, many players at the youth basketball level all the way up thru the NBA can take a different approach.

Individual offseason workouts are what we recommend first and foremost to parents who are looking for an opportunity for their kids to work on their basketball game during the offseason. Great improvements can be made to the player’s game and the financial commitment is minimal.

At the NBA level, players like Dirk Nowitzki, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love make a commitment to offseason workouts. After a short break upon the NBA season conclusion, they work hard at improving their game during the off-season. Sure, scrimmaging and 5-on-5 play is part of the equation, but the focus is on individual skill development. Players return to regular season teams with a new set of skills that takes their games to a new level. Maybe it’s better long-range shooting or improved post moves. It’s clear that the work being done during the off-season contributes greatly to what make stars perform at their highest levels during the season.


How the workouts were designed?

Some of the thinking that went into the overall workout plan and each individual plan include:

  • A Focus on fundamentals. We placed an emphasis on building blocks of what makes up a good basketball player because that easily transfers from one team to the next.
  • Strong emphasis on ball handling and shooting. These are 2 critical areas that can be practiced individually in an effective manner and the offseason is a great time period to work on these skills.
  • All-around player development. Youth basketball players shouldn’t just learn guard skills or just learn post skills. The best players are well rounded. They know how to do both types of skills. This makes them tough to guard.
  • Shift activities quickly. By moving from one activity to the next quickly, it keeps players interested and enables players to work on many different skill sets.
  • Increase difficulty over time. Some of the fitness drills will get progressively more difficult. Initially, we want players to grow accustom to using different muscles and then as the plan progresses, we’ll ask for more repetitions or longer time periods.
  • A fitness focus. Players play their best when they’re in shape. It’s hard to execute at the highest level if you’re tired, lack strength or are just out of shape. To address these needs, a part of each workout session includes general fitness exercises.
  • Designed for an individual but can be used with a bigger group. One player on his or her own can complete the activities for these offseason workouts. However, workouts can be more fun with a workout partner or two. These plans will accommodate that. A whole team could workout together if there’s a big enough court area with multiple hoops.
  • Plans were designed for healthy kids who have played basketball before. If you have any concerns about having your child participate in this type of program from a health perspective, consult with your physician. Kids should bring a water bottle to their court and drink water as needed.
Basketball training and drills

The workouts were designed for an individual players to complete on their own. But, if you have enough space and basketballs, more players can participate.

What do players need for these workouts?

For this offseason workout plan, players will need the following:

  • 2 basketballs
  • 8 cones or 8 post-it notes (or anything to mark a spot on the ground)
  • Basketball hoop and dribbling area – (a driveway hoop will work)
  • 1 tennis ball
  • Water bottle
  • Jump rope (optional)
  • 2 Chairs (optional)

NOTE:  Buy one get one free – No coupon to enter.  Just make your purchase and receive two of the same title – one for your child and one for a friend.

MVP Offseason Workouts for Youth Basketball — reg. $23.99



Nolan McMonagleNolan McMonagle has coached multiple basketball teams for his local school and the YMCA. With a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Central Washington University, he has worked alongside a Physical Therapist with a professional indoor football team. In addition to helping treat players’ injuries, he put them through exercise programs to enhance their performance.

Mike O'HalloranMike O’Halloran has coached his 4 children on 15 different basketball teams. He created the Well-Prepared Coach™ line of sports books and has authored three basketball books. He is the founder and editor of, selected as a Top 10 Blog for Youth Sports Parents by His articles have been featured in The Post Game and on the home page of

Praise for O’Halloran’s Well Prepared Coach – 30 Youth Basketball Practice Plans book for coaches:

“Thanks for the 30 Practice Plans! I coach 5th and 6th grade girls basketball and after winning only 3 games the previous 2 years combined, I began using your structured practice plans each week and now we are now one game away from the league championship!”
Mike Jadach, JV Coach Assumption School, Ansonia, Connecticut

“Last year I coached a 5th grade boys basketball traveling team. It was my first year coaching and the kids’ first year playing. I used your practice plans and they were great for me and the kids did real well. This year they are playing 6th grade ball at their school and are so far undefeated. I will be coaching them again after their school season is over and will definitely revisit your practice plans.”
Fred Dubray, Coach – Mobridge, South Dakota


MVP Offseason Workouts for Youth Basketball

Players get pumped up for their workout sessions with an inspirational story and quote.

Inspirational Story

An inspirational story designed to be read by players before their workout is included for each session

Each workout session is 66 minutes long and begins with a warm-up.

Free Offseason Basketball Workout

Basketball Season Workout part B

In the last minute, an MVP TIP is included to give players some practical on-court advice to succeed

An Appendix in the back includes illustrations to help players understand each exercise. Here’s a sample for two ball dribbling.

Two Ball Dribbling illustration

Other important topics are addressed related to nutrition, goal setting, getting rest, the importance of being a good student/athlete and what coaches like from players. Here’s an excerpt:

10 Things Coaches Like

Additional topics are covered to help a player succeed both on and off the court


MVP Offseason Workouts

$23.99 – Available instantly


NOTE:  No coupon to enter.  Just make your purchase and receive two of the same title – one for your child and one for a friend.

MVP Offseason Workouts for Youth Basketball — $23.99